Finished up a great trip with our annual John Jordan charter. Countless hours of hard work paid off for us.


We were able to make a great catch with our group and we landed 17 fish from 100 to 216 lbs. Capt Jesus will lead our next group and I will be off to Long Beach California to do the Fred Hall fishing show March 1-5. I will be there to answer questions and book reservations on all of our trips. We will be offering $50 off any trip 2.5 days or more departing from San Diego and Puerto Vallarta. I will also be on the Accurate Saltwater tank doing a seminar everyday. Come see us. T-shirts & sweatshirts will be available.


The stars aligned up for us on this one. 200’s, 300’s and a 413lber were decked


So fired up after an incredible trip we just had. We have been seeing 300’s and 400’s eating tube mackerel’s as of late. The stars aligned up for us on this one. 200’s, 300’s and a 413lber were decked. Multiple’s of 200’s and 2 Super cows were landed by Barry Cohn 308lbs and Nicole Denette’s 302lber. Congratulations to Kevin Boyle for his incredible catch of 413lb yellowfin tuna. It was caught on a Super Seeker 6463 4x, Okuma Makaira 50, Tuff-Line 130lb braid, Izorline 135lb leader and a Mustad Sea Demon R39943NP-BN 9/0 hook. This beast ate a double cabbie on a balloon rig on February 7th at 10:00 am. Fish taped out at 86″ long x 62″ 413.23lbs. We have seeing fish greater then 400lbs daily. Just had a conversation with a local that weighed a 550lber in a market. That fish was caught on commercial longline gear. Now is the time to get down here if your interested in catching giant yellowfin tuna. Contact us at, or our 877-304-5094. There are spots available on our upcoming trips. More pictures to follow this incredible trip. See you down here.

holy-cow-tuna-again big-ass-tuna nicole-tuna-pv