Seeker Trip – Limits for 2 days on very nice yellowtail!


Coming right back in from a open party Seeker Rods sponsored trip with Limits for 2 days on very nice yellowtail. We managed to catch 27 dorado. We are seeing change on every trip. Kelps are holding nice dorado and bigger yellowtail. We had a 35lb yellow come off a kelp that was holding a few more that went over a 20-25lbs. We are heading right back out on a 1.5 day trip tonight. Wish us luck!


Great times on the 976-tuna charter 2 day.


Limits for everyone on nice yellowtail. 230 yellows and 5 dorado. Perfect weather and limits of smiles all around. We fished the. If bluefin and Sophia had a big one that broke the braid. Tons and ton of bluefin tuna out there. We have a super rare overnight ultra ultra limited load big game Bluefin Tuna trip. Limited to 16 anglers. Food and California fishing license not included. Book now.


Cow Bluefin in San Diego


Retuned this morning from a epic trip. 310 yellows, yellowfin, dorado and 2 big bluefin tuna. Bluefin weighed at 120lbs & 210 lbs. great group of anglers. Thank you Sheila Ritze. See you next month. Stoked to have our peeps on our next 2 day 976-tuna trip. Which is full. We’re going to have some fun. Right after this trip we have a Seeker sponsored 2 day departing on Wednesday night. 625.00 pp. departs at 8:00pm. 5 spots left. Join us to get on this action. Contact for reservations.



Another Super duper cow 350lber hit the deck along with 4 others over 200 and many from 160-195lbs.


Well here you go. Congratulations Capt E for finding the school and getting all the anglers that joined the Western Outdoor News 3.5 day charter there personal bests. This was Pat McDonell’s first trip to PV and we are looking forward to his report in WON. Another Super duper cow 350lber hit the deck along with 4 others over 200 and many from 160-195lbs. Here is your last chance to join us in PV this season before it’s time to head back to San Diego and run our summer season at H&M Landing. We have a 3 openings on our Bob Michner April 29-May 3rd 3.5 day trip. Trip price is 1540.00. Call Nicole at 866-703-7742 and get onboard.



Our last 3.5 day had cows to 223 lbs and we are stoked to our group had majority of there personal bests.


April has brought us beautiful weather and a tougher bite then usual. Quality catches are being made from trip to trip, but I think we are coming out our transition and seems to be more fish willing to eat the cabbie on the flyline and balloon rig. Our last 3.5 day had cows to 223 lbs and we are stoked to our group had majority of there personal bests. Capt Evaristo will be running the Constitution for the next 2 trips and I will be coming back in and finishing the season and bringing her back to San Diego for the summer season. We are looking like we will be busy this summer season in San Diego Sportfishing as well as Puerto Vallarta. Please contact H&M landing if you would like to reserve a spot or more on our open party trips. Looks like we are going to have another great season catching big bluefin tuna and who knows what may surprise us. If you would like to contact the Constitution office you can reach us at 866-903-7742. 



Lots of huge Tuna and Capt. E Gets a Birthday Swordfish


Returned yet again from the lush waters of Puerto Vallarta and perfect weather to match. Our last 3.5 open party trip ran with 10 anglers in hopes of giant yellowfin tuna and good times. Good times and big fish were landed. Giant yellowfin tuna were eating the flylined cabbie, and balloon rig. Capt Keith eyeballed a 100lb finning swordfish on the surface and Capt Evaristo baited it with a cabbie and a Okuma 50 & super Seeker 64634x with 130lb Izor floro. It took all about 15 min to land. A great birthday to E. Congratulations to all our personal bests onboard. We are running our last open party trip on April 25-29 3.5 day $1540 gets you onboard. Contact Nicole in the office. Capt Keith.

Todd Cameron 288 lber
Todd Cameron 256 lber
Vladimir Kustic 256 lber
Andrei Karapetian 256 lber
Rick Early 234 lber
Ryan Evans 216 lber
Ozzie Azatorian 185 lber
Alfonso DeAlba 170 lber
Ryan Evans 160 lber
Marko Boyapzis 150lber



This season has not been short of spectacular.


Giant yellowfin to over 400lbs have been seen and landed this season and it looks like things are not slowing down. Our last 3.5 day annual Alex Chen trip scored big time. 90 percent of our group had personal bests. Fish to 277 lbs were landed. Congratulations to our anglers.
Mark R 277lber
Jon Edick 274 lber
Loren Corral 247 lber
Mark Fujimoto 231 lber
Eric Smith 214 lber
Paul Kim 185lber
Len Lucin 172lber
Garret Johnson 165lber
Wayne Decker 160lber
Charlie Yang 135lber
Alex Chen 90lber
James Su 90 lber

We still have space available for our last Open 3.5 April 25-29 $1540 gets you onboard and our season in San Diego running out of H&M Landing.
Check out and reserve your spot on one of our great trips this summer. Hope to fish with you soon.

Trophy fishing continues!


5 over 200, 4 right at the mark and 5 120-170lbers. 9 cows got away to fight another day. Absolutely perfect weather and large areas of big fish have moved in and it looks like we are on our way to another great season finale. Nick Reqrut led this 3.5 day Seeker Rods sponsored trip that had shirts & rod giveaways & good times. 10 sold out charters and 2 open party trips available with a few spaces.  March 23-27 3.5 day & April 25-29 3.5 day.

Contact Nicole at our office to get on. We have only a few dates left for next season and some of our open trips are near full for the 2017-2018 For the remainder of our season. May 3rd we will be heading to San Diego to do some great improvements and start our season at H&M Landing.


Finished up a great trip with our annual John Jordan charter. Countless hours of hard work paid off for us.


We were able to make a great catch with our group and we landed 17 fish from 100 to 216 lbs. Capt Jesus will lead our next group and I will be off to Long Beach California to do the Fred Hall fishing show March 1-5. I will be there to answer questions and book reservations on all of our trips. We will be offering $50 off any trip 2.5 days or more departing from San Diego and Puerto Vallarta. I will also be on the Accurate Saltwater tank doing a seminar everyday. Come see us. T-shirts & sweatshirts will be available.