Frequently Asked Questions

  • ~Can I fly in and fly out same day as departure/return?

    -Yes you can fly in the same day and fly out. Most flights arrive well before departure times and Constitution arrives back at the dock before 6am. Some anglers found that flying in a day before or stay day after may save enough money to buy a hotel room and extend their vacation.

  • ~Can I take fish home?

    -Yes, bring down a 48qt ice chest. it fits 50lbs of tuna perfectly. You can buy a cooler down here. The crew chamber seals onboard so you can take home sushi grade tuna hours after it has caught. Cost is 100.00 per cooler for processing.

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    ~Is dinner going to be served the night of the departure?


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    ~Are meals included?

    -Yes, Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. Bottled water, juice, and milk is included.

  • ~How many days of fishing are we going to have?

    -Anything can happen and change the amount of time you will be fishing. Most trips get 2 days of fishing on a 2.5 dazy and 3 days for a 3.5 day.

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    ~Can we fish at night?

    -Yes for squid. Most trips the bite is during the day, but conditions can change and night fishing may be required.

  • ~Should I Charter or go on a open party?

    -Constitution gives a discount to groups that follow the rules of charter. You can get 8 paid anglers on a charter versus 10 on a open party trip.

  • ~When should I place my order on the drink package?

    -Drink Packages are recommended at time of registration. It helps with logistics and allows us to prepare for your trip. All drink packages are available on all charters.

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    ~How can I pay for my trip?

    -Constitution accepts cash, check or credit cards.

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    ~When should i get you our manifest?

    -As soon as you get it. The sooner you send the list the better.

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    ~How many rods can I bring down?

    -Mexico allows no more than 4 rods to be brought at a time.

  • ~How much cash should I bring down?

    -We recommend bringing plenty. You never know what can happen. Remember a 15-20% tip for the crew, 100.00 fish processing, 65.00-95.00 for drinks and around 100.00 or less for terminal tackle.

  • ~Should I pack like a long range trip?

    -No. pack ultra light. You don’t need as much gear as you think. Check out the page of what to bring.

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    ~When should I book my airline ticket?

    -ASAP. The best rates are always available the earlier you buy.

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    ~Is there alot of sharks in the area we are fishing?

    -Of course things can always change. We have yet to lose a tuna to a shark since we have been fishing here. If we catch a shark mostly it’s associated with a floating log or debris

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    ~Should I buy trip Insurance?

    -We reccomend trip insurance. Anything can happen.

  • ~Do we get the same dates from last years trip?

    -Yes, you have first right of refusal. We have usually a group or 2 on standby wanting to get onboard. It is good as a charter master to have a plan before he/she gets off the boat if the group would like to book for the following year.

  • ~Can you recommend some hotels near the boat?

    -Yes, Paradise Village Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, Occidental Hotel are walking distance from the boat.

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    -If you really need it bring it. We don’t use them onboard. We fish the rail. More effective and easier.