John Hoenigman

I'm a " mid-range " fisherman, ( the long rangers don't call a 8 day trip long ) and have been doing so for nearly 15 years on the same boat out of San Diego. About 4 years ago I heard about the Maximums and realized that about 12 hrs out of PV you could get on the big tuna, so I gave it a try. The fishing was spectacular so I chartered the boat for a 3 1/2 day trip each Jan and will be doing so for my 4th year in 2015. If you're looking for a luxurious set up with gourmet food this may not be the boat for you, but if you're just interested in catching big yellowfin tuna, as I am, Capt Keith Denette puts you on the fish. Don't get me wrong, Armando cooks up great meals, many traditional mexican dishes and snacks and when you're fishing he brings them right out on deck for you to eat while you're on the " loooonnnggg soak". The Capt and crew want you to catch fish so bad that you have a hard time tying on a hook or even baiting it without a crew member coming over and just setting you up. The crew is excellent, I don't think I've seen a missed gaff orr a tangle they could not remove, and they are stuck to you like glue when you get a big fish hooked up. When the bite is scratchy and a few unlucky fishermen or first timers are having a hard time getting hooked up, Capt Keith will come and throw out. As with the other Captain I fish with Capt Keith gets hooked up 3 to 1 to everyone on board and is quick to hand off to a unsuspecting fisherman who is having a tough go of it. Most of my friends and I on this trip only get this opportunity for giant cows once a year. We can't afford or get the time off for a 2 to 3 week long range trip out of San Diego to get in these or other tuna grounds where the monsters await. The Maximuss is the best opportunity for us to catch giant tuna and the friendly, casual atmosphere is what brings my friends and I back each year.